Welcome to the project management web application of the CMM.

This platform currently hosts several projects, including Morph-M , the image processing library of CMM / Mines ParisTech, and its sub-projects.

For a general description of Morph-M, you can visit its web page .

Latest projects

  • Mamba (04/21/2009 05:57 PM)

    The Mamba library is originated from the 16-bit program known as Micromorph.
    It is always a work in progress !

    The new release (1.1) is now available, with many new functionalities, in particular a mamba3D module!

  • Morph-M (09/29/2008 05:05 PM)

    Welcome to the Morph-M project homepage.

    • If you need general information about the image processing library, please go the official page .
    • If you are looking for the documentation, you should be interested by the user's guide or other guides available here ....