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Michel Bilodeau, 04/22/2009 11:14 AM

Un ptit wiki

How to get the sources:

For CMM members, please indicate the following url to your svn client:

svn co svn+ssh://<login>@malte.ensmp.fr/svn/mamba/trunk

For the others:

svn co svn+ssh://<login>@malte.ensmp.fr/home/mamba/svn/mamba/trunk

How to compile

On linux, osx, cygwin do:

make pylib

It doesn't compile

The makefile relies on a python script "setup.py" which integrates all modules. One of this module is an interface to generic video grabbers which is platform dependent and on linux it relies on external libraries: SDL and V4L.

A quick fix is to remove from setup.py references to the module realtime and mambaRTapi .