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Serge Koudoro, 10/23/2009 03:14 PM

Welcome to Morph-M Interface Documentation

How Use this Portal ?

This portal describe the use of each Morph-M interface. For a general description of Morph-M, you can visit its web page.

CMM : discussions et partage

If you are Morph-M Developers, wiki/morphm-core

Python Interface


Python interface is currently the uppermost layer of Morph-M. The aim of this layer is to provide a convenient environment for developers to prototype algorithms and for users to bind common algorithms together. This layer can be used in two ways:
  • to bind together Morph-M functions made available through the interface layer. The overhead in this case is usually negligible compared to the cost of the actual image processing.
  • to write new algorithms in Python. Most of the Morph-M C++ tools have been replicated in Python (iterators, neighborhoods, etc). And while the conversions are quite costly and all the functionality is not present, it is possible to develop non speed-critical algorithms that directly manipulate pixels in Python.

Getting Started

  • [[Morph-M Python:Installing, Upgrading, Removing Morph-M|Installing, Upgrading, Removing Morph-M]] : for quick and easy use of Morph-M
  • Launch some examples... : This part gives some code examples, in python and C++



General Use


Tips an Trick

Matlab Interface

Labview Interface

  • How to use Morph-M with Labview ? (work in progress...)

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